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C’est aussi le point de départ de l’extension de l’empire Huan qui a gouverné la Chine pendant un siècle et s’est étendu à travers l’Asie.

Le grand débat religieux qui eut lieu dans la ville conduisit à la diffusion du bouddhisme tibétain dans l’Asie du Nord-Est, et cette tradition culturelle et religieuse est toujours vivante dans de nombreux endroits aujourd’hui.

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Evidence of large water control works instigated to protect the city exists in the form of remains of the Tiefan’gan Canal.From this base, Kublai Khan established the Yuan dynasty that ruled China over a century, extending its boundaries across Asia.The religious debate that took place here resulted in the dissemination of Tibetan Buddhism over north-east Asia, a cultural and religious tradition still practised in many areas today.Criterion (iv): The site location and environment of the Site of Xanadu together with its urban pattern demonstrates a coexistence and fusion of nomadic and farming cultures.The combination of a Han city plan with the gardens and landscape necessary to the Yuan dynasty’s Mongolian lifestyle at Xanadu resulted in an outstanding example of urban layout that illustrates a significant stage in human history.

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