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You may purchase the Congress streaming content in the following formats: Flash Drive or online archive (6 months).

You may also purchase individual presentations in an online archive (6 months) format. Partner, Mc Guire Woods, Former General Counsel of the UK Serious Fraud Office, Former Head, QEB Hollis Whiteman Chambers, Recorder of the Crown Court and Treasurer of Inner Temple, London, UK Joyce R. Director, Commercial Litigation Branch, US Department of Justice, Recipient, Presidential Meritorious Executive Award and Attorney General's Award for Exceptional Service, Washington, DC Ann Meeker-O'Connell, MS Acting Associate Director of Risk Science, Intelligence and Prioritization, Office of Scientific Investigation (OSI), Center for Drug Evaluation and Research (CDER), Food and Drug Administration, Rockville, MD Jerry A.

a managing director of The Advisory Board Company in Washington, D. As part of the company’s Research and Insights division, she conducts research for The Advisory Board Company’s Oncology Roundtable on topics such as the effects of healthcare reform on cancer patients and cancer-care providers.

At the annual The healthcare industry is “continuing to grapple with how to deal with cost,” Conway said, something that will “remain true regardless of what happens in Congress.” As healthcare repeal, reform, and replace continues to be debated by D.

(The former is almost standard practice, whereas next-gen sequencing — capturing genomic information about a cancer — is still being perfected.) But as precision medicine becomes more prevalent, cancer care organizations will need to navigate three challenges, Conway said: how to make sense of new developments in precision medicine; how to prioritize investments in new medical equipment and facilities; and how to operationalize their approaches by making sure key care providers receive ongoing and up-to-date education.

“We are all betting big on the promise of precision medicine,” she said.

C.’s lawmakers, the question then becomes: What happens in the interim that will drive high-quality cancer care at a lower cost?

Conway cited the University of Michigan’s app as one of the revolutionary models of virtual care currently in use today.

She added that private payers are increasingly aggressive about pushing cancer patients to lower-priced care.

Instead of paying for infusion therapy at the hospital, for instance, private insurera may suggest having it done at an outpatient facility. “Private payers have been on the forefront of designing value-driven ways to pay for cancer care, but we’re not going to arrive at a satisfying payment solution any time soon.”Cancer care programs need to worry about the services cancer patients are using across the healthcare system as they’re going through cancer treatment.

Oncologists introduce the app to patients once they receive their diagnosis, and then the patient and oncologist collaborate to enter pertinent information into the app.

From there, the app takes over, providing information, for example, about treatment options or instructions on recommended exercises to perform after surgery.

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