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lol Any chance of this being considered as a feature? Poetica Maybe this filter would be handy in some instances.But I think one problem would be the different amounts of time it takes to get a legal divorce in different political jurisdictions.It's just more filters that anyone can get around and they will if they're pushed to lie. and either living in the same house due to financial restraints, or in different locations but nevertheless..........If you REALLY feel strongly about it.....not include it in your "About Me" section. UNattached from their partner in all aspects except the legal one.However I choose to be honest and upfront.merriam webster: Main Entry: 1 sin·gle Pronunciation: 'si[ng]-g&l Function: adjective Etymology: Middle English sengle, from Anglo-French, from Latin singulus one only; akin to Latin sem- one -- more at SAME1 a : not married b : of or relating to celibacy Main Entry: 2 divorce Function: verb Inflected Form(s): di·vorced; di·vorc·ingtransitive verb1 a : to end marriage with (one's spouse) by divorce b : to dissolve the marriage contract between 2 : to make or keep separate : SEPARATE intransitive verb : to obtain a divorcesynonym see SEPARATE --technically, then, divorced folk are single. Well, people have a choice of selecting divorced OR single in their profiles.

I have also officially lost track of how many married men have gotten around my "must not be married" filter because they claim they aremerely "separated".I understand that there are several things that take time when ending a relationship, especially a long term one.The more the both parties accumulate and whether they have children or not, seems to stretch that time limit out even longer especially while going through any type of legal distrubution.Being "Single", although "Separated", simply means unfinished previous legal Business. Seperated people have many complicated issues, it may be a trial seperation while they see if they like someone better etc with the option of going back to thier husband/wife.I would really love a must not be seperated option!

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