Speed dating in charlottesville

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You can’t go wrong spending your Valentine’s Day at the rink. Escape Room Grab a few other couples and head to the Cville Escape Room on the Downtown Mall.Participants will have an hour to try to find their way out of a room by using a number of clues, puzzles and brainteasers.Dates are also welcome; although if your relationship hasn’t reached S&M level yet, this may raise some unwelcome inquiries. Ice skating Slide (or skate) into the DMs of your bae.Before dinner on the Downtown Mall, the Main Street Arena ice rink is the perfect place to spend your Valentine’s Day.Visit The Cavalier Daily website or Love Connection Facebook Page and sign up for Love Connection.Two applicants are chosen every other week and set up on a blind date.Because February is American Heart Month, the Juice Place is partnering with tread HAPPY to host a 45-minute authentic, aerobic exercise class, benefiting the American Heart Association.Although it’s directed toward couples, don’t sweat it — singles are still welcome.

It’s a classic activity that every University student needs to check off their bucket list.

Available rooms include Fortune Teller’s Secret, Spy’s Demise, Mad Scientist’s Library and Jack the Ripper’s London.5.

Wintergreen’s “Powder of Love”Don’t have a lover this Valentine’s Day but still want a date?

After 6, a speed dating service, arrived on the scene Thursday, June 21, with a premier event at Rococo's, and organizer Candy Schoner says the evening was a smash hit. "Everybody was very happy." "Everybody" was 38 singles, evenly divided between men and women ranging in age from 25 to 44.

"One woman described it as 'a cocktail party with whistles,'" Schoner laughs.

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