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Kanzi then has to hide his eyes while I place it somewhere out of sight and he sends one of the centre’s staff to find it and ‘surprise’ him with the contents.

It’s all been an exhausting day for Kanzi, who points at the television screen on our side of the glass and settles down for some viewing.

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He then wanders over to meet me, clapping once loudly, which indicates he wants human company.

And he doesn’t like small-talk and rhetorical questions.

Kanzi was filmed breaking up kindling for a fire, deftly sliding open a box of matches, striking one against the box and then lighting his fire.But then Panbanisha died of pneumonia, apparently due to human contact.But before we can get anything like his undivided attention, he first has to officiate at his son’s birthday party.‘And he actually likes his medicine.’But aside from showing just how important it is to protect these peaceable, clever creatures, Kanzi’s achievements raise an uncomfortable question.If our closest cousins really are far more like us than we have ever imagined, what do we do when they start telling us — in English — that it’s time to treat them better in their natural environment?

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