Red flags in online dating

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Hes too impulsive and wants to hook you quickly before you doubt him. I advocate for casting your net wide and giving lots of different people a chance, but be smart. Immediately asks you for a drink, date or phone number.

We’ve already talked about some tips for having a safer online dating experience in our article: Online Dating Safety and Security Tips.

If the dating profile is weak and has very little info other than a generic statement like the cliche "I love to laugh" then it might be a red flag that they may just be using canned cut-and-paste scam profile information.

Check out these tips on How to Spot a Fake Friend Request, many of the same tips apply in this situation.

They may waste a little time trying to build a rapport with you, but eventually, they will show their true colors and try to close the deal by enticing you to click a link or contact them offsite.

This is not to say that everyone who tries to give you their phone number right off the bat is a scammer, but it is a red flag nonetheless and should put you on alert to look for other signs of danger.

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