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Google Hangouts is a bit buggy, but an excellent option for individuals who want to organize large, private conference calls, or who want to stream interviews from the video chat function directly to a You Tube channel.

For instance, when I helped host the Blog Well Summit online conference series (geared toward health and wellness bloggers and focusing on blog design, branding, and development), we held our live interview panels through Google Hangouts.

Video chat makes the world a seemingly smaller place.

In 2005, I was interviewing for a job in a different state, and the potential employer went to great lengths to set-up a video conference job interview so we could chat “in person” before moving further along in the process.

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On video chat, if your picture is clear and your audio is good, the people on the other end are more likely to assume you’ve got your act together and are interested in what they’re saying. You can still screw things up by saying something flippant or failing to prepare for your online meeting.

However, when you improve the quality of your video, you tilt the scales in your favor.

Luckily, enhancing your video quality is surprisingly easy.

He’s my husband now – so it all worked out – but back then we needed to be able to get to know one another in a world that seemed stacked against us.

Thankfully, that changed when a peer introduced me to a free online video chatting company.

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