Korean drama actors dating sites

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Nothing is better than the perfect romance that can be found through the magic of Korean dramas.

While we enjoyed seeing two couples on screen indulging in their butterfly feelings, we never want it to end!

However, in April, 2011, the two parted ways due in part to Lee Ji Ah's ex-husband Seo Tae Ji's lawsuit on property division.

Hye Jeong and her friends from Gukil Hospital often visited ‘Soonie Hawaii’ to relax after a long day.

In early 2011, Lee Min Ho and Park Min Young had been reported to be in a relationship.

His genuine feelings would make anyone swoon as he revealed in an interview with 'Taxi,' "I live in the same neighborhood as Lee Chung Ah.

The fresh-faced actors of 'Yellow Handkerchief' proved that love comes unexpectedly in life!

While dating for some time, the two were madly in love and quick to be married in 2005 and are now considered one of Korea's celebrity power couples.

The original name of this place is ‘Bonjour Hawaii’.

Just like its name, the interior of this restaurant has ‘Hawaii’ theme, making visitors look like they are hanging out in a Hawaiian cafe, accompanied by Hawaii traditional music.

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