Kaspersky database not updating

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Rescue discs are great as they provide you with the means to troubleshoot your computer if you cannot boot in to the installed operating systems anymore.Some rescue disks ship with an arsenal of repair tools to resolve the issue, while others are more specialized.While you can download the ISO image regularly and repeat the process, it is not really something that is well suited as a manual task.Plus, downloading the whole ISO image every time wastes a lot of bandwidth as you will not only download updated files but also all other files that have not been updated in the meantime.This is required in some security installations and for sites that access the Internet through a proxy server.To update the Kaspersky antivirus signature database offline, you must configure a local webserver.

For this reason we release updates every hour, to keep users protected against the latest malicious programs.The batch file extracts the contents of the ISO image and starts to download the latest virus definition files from a Kaspersky server.It replaces the current files and definitions with the updated ones and creates two updated iso images in the end.Complete update - contains all the updates and modifications released at the time of the previous week's update.This is placed on the server at the same time as the new

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