Group policy for updating registry on client computers

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The appv file contains the following folder and files, which are used when creating and publishing a virtual application: Metadata for the package that contains the required information for adding, publishing, and launching the package.

Includes extension points (file type associations and shortcuts) and the names and GUIDs associated with the package.

Last updated: January 2018 This article is for IT administrators planning to deploy the new One Drive sync client to their One Drive for Business users in work or school environments.

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To view the appv file contents, make a copy of the package, and then rename the copied file to a ZIP extension.Additionally, you will need Client Side Object Model (CSOM) knowledge to query the team site to determine the appropriate Site ID, Web ID and List ID to build the appropriate URL. site Id=Site ID_HERE&web Id=Web ID_HERE&list Id=List ID_HERE&user Email=User Email_HERE&web Url=Web URL_HERE" To delay updates to the One Drive sync client, and control their deployment to your users, you can switch from the Production update ring to the Enterprise update ring.For more information about the update rings and how the sync client checks for updates, see The One Drive sync client update process.When users set up One Drive sync client, it downloads everything in their One Drive.Large numbers of file transfers can adversely impact your network performance.

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