Gina bellman dating who is dating pharrell williams

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Gina Bellman plays Jane, who was once Steve's "unflushable" ex-girlfriend.

Gina Bellman describes her as "kooky, every man's worst nightmare. She's a real live-wire, self-obsessed, oblivious to the feelings of others, and supremely manipulative.

" People thought I would have done, like, some black wedding dress, and yeah, I would have.

But at the same time I was thinking about our pictures...

A more cynical subtrope is when the person is actually the Reverse Mole, but the temptation of The Dark Side gradually causes them to discard their initial good cause and become everything they originally despised.

Contrast Beneath the Mask where the audience is only given a peek.

("You're so wonderful, I can't believe I was just seducing you to get the location of your secure base... ") The usual response to The Reveal is "Was It All a Lie?

" Occasionally, they will test the waters with a Trial Balloon Question.

Steven Moffat comments: "Jane's a fairly needy, lonely character, mostly concerned about her age and the fact she hasn't got a boyfriend.

Desperately seeking attention, Jane constantly makes things up, telling more than just little white lies.

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