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It does this by examining the destination address of the frame before deciding how to handle it.

If the destination address is that of station A or B, then there is no need for the frame to appear on segment 2. We can say that the bridge filters or drops the frame.

All it takes is a little extra thought behind the questions you ask.

An experiential or exciting question like, “What is the craziest thing that’s ever happened to you?

Tip 2 – Curiosity is Key Do not, I REPEATE, do not monopolize the conversation and talk only about yourself.

It is essential to lead with a sense of curiosity about the other person.

Even if they had a nice time with you, their brain may subconsciously push them towards not wanting to see you again because there is a negative experience attached to the date.

It will also reassure them that you are excited to be on the date.If station A or B were to transmit, the bridge would also receive the transmission on segment 1. It could automatically transmit the frame onto segment 2, like a repeater, but that would not relieve congestion, as the network would behave like one long segment.One goal of the bridge is to reduce unnecessary traffic on both segments.Sometimes, the hardest part about dating isn’t finding a date, but knowing what to do once you are on it. Everyone feels nervous and worried about making a good impression.After hearing thousands of dating stories, some more successful than others, I thought I’d share some top tips to ensure your first date goes smoothly, and that you make the best impression possible.

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