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While it's tempting to judge the artist harshly for what she asks of her underpaid employees, Streb points out that bullriders, circus clowns and boxers take similar risks as a matter of course.(Multiple portraits of Muhammad Ali adorn her studio's walls.) Those comparisons invite scrutiny of Streb's high-art claims, and Gund chooses not to include any outside voices who might question the artistic merit of this body of work.

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So I set up my account, I was really honest in my application, I said, I’ve always been very skilled at art and the business behind it, I’m organized, I’m ambitious, I always had good luck with work. During the two months preceding the opening she and Tanya have been in frequent contact via email. Laurel works as a teacher of fine art at Alfred University in the village of Alfred 500 kilometers from New York City. The deal is that they won’t meet each other until seven o’clock the same evening in the gallery at the opening that Martin and Sixten have organized to officially welcome the two women and kickstart the week.Here more than anywhere in the film, one understands the elation that must balance the risks Streb's troopers undertake.the artists, curators and (sometimes) visionaries of the Wooloo collective and the art community Wooloo.org, the world's first online community for professional artists founded in 2002.

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