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A lot of this has to do with localization, New Leaf had localized Japanese text instead of full English dialogue like the earlier games.

A lot of the conversations that weren’t completely kid-friendly got cut, and a lot of the charm got lost in translation.

Even Rossetti, the reset-without-saving mole, got toned down for the 3DS entry.

The Switch version should give the characters more lines of dialogue, including some frustration and crankiness that adds a bit of spice to town.

That’s a new feature for the series, and players can now keep an eye on how much an animal likes them.

Cyrus can also be commissioned to build different amenities, like pools and new places to check out.

The Tropical Island that was introduced in New Leaf scratched the surface of how an online hub could work in Animal Crossing, but never did anything too risky.

A bigger hub could be more than just a place to farm valuable beetles for hours on end.

New Leaf introduced the ability to actually be mayor (so long, Tortimer), giving players the ability to place and fund public works projects that ranged from a stylish cafe - where town folks can get a brew - to a light-up replica of the Eiffel Tower.

Public works projects couldn’t be placed in predesignated parts of the town around the city center, retail shops, and the beach, and new towns folk often ruined town plans by moving in in the middle of a pathway.

Being mayor should give you the power to choose your town’s overall layout from the beginning of the game, place public works projects almost anywhere in town including the beach, pick designated spots for new neighbors to move in, and choose from a far bigger list of public works projects to fill your town with. A big part of the franchise is interacting with the charming characters that occupy your little virtual slice of life.

We’ve seen the cast of neighbors grow entry to entry, but things took a step back in New Leaf.

Villagers lost a bit of charm they had in previous games, the variety of the interactions decreased and relationships became repetitive.

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